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We design products that are worth making for equity. We deliver through unorthodox approaches and talented people, generating great outcomes. Our expertise in design and the support of 
our design network are the great asset we offer to start-ups and companies looking to build breakthrough ideas.


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We have a great network of people and deliver through a fabric of nomadic talent. It keeps us lean and flexible and guarantees the assembly of the perfect team for your project and goals. We help your organization with innovative in/out-source model depending on your needs


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Depending on the very individual nature of your company we adjust our services for you. From working with big corporations to start ups, we can always find the right approach. See more on our client solutions section here


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Imersivo is a service framework for retailers that allows a consistent experience across their multi-channel ecosystem – outdoor displays, web, mobile and retail displays. The product allows users to have a more engaging experience at stores through the three main modules describe above: Immersive Catalogue, Automates Sales and Online Interfaces.

Immersive Experiences in Stores (read more)

What we do

Imersivo connects all the silos of the retail experience into a holistic one, expanding the digital space at stores digitally, creating an engaging shopping experience. It delivers the product via an automated sales system instantly, allows user recognition, and improves their shopping experience. The product is a service framework for retailers that works consistently across their multichannel ecosystem. The economical benefit of the product is the increase of efficiency at delivery time, and provides a digital set of tools that empowers your sales force

“Immersive catalogue”

An Immersive catalogue that allow customers to visualize and interact with digital products. Create wish lists, like on social networks, purchase.

“Automated Sales”

It’s a Machine that allows retailers to distribute product at the window front, like a vending machine but better and substantially faster.

“Online Interface”

It’s the front end of the service framework, it allows customers to create digital catalogues and connect trough a web API to their inventory to bring it to live.
For more information please visit Imersivo website: http:www.imersivo.com

  • advanced UIs
  • advanced UIs



A platform for start-ups, investors and collaborators to connect, communicate and manage their ventures. MID&Funding as part of the MID Barcelona is an initiative to promote creative talent. Focusing on Designer start-ups the platform will allow companies to find the resources needed to accelerate their ventures and expand their network. The platform is owned by BCD and Exipple Studio. For more information about MID&Funding please send us an email.

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Client Solutions

Different approaches of working together


In simple words we consult, freelance or contract. Depending on the clients need we can deliver multiple alternatives, also we try to match the best resource to the project.


This is when it gets interesting. With these mechanism Start-ups can afford working with top design professionals. Instead of working just for a project scope, we also become part of it.

This commitment means that you have our full attention, if we love your project we will share the risk. If you succeed so do we.


As simple as it sounds, no fees. We just work for equity, that means that we are a 100% match for each other and we can invest in you with design resources.

Advanced Collaboration

From the creators of the technology in Minority Report

We have a great partnership with perhaps the best technology company out there, Oblong’s Solutions are being used at global Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and universities all over the world. Customers include Boeing, Saudi Aramco, and GE, among others uses these technology to improve collaboration, develop Big Data Environments and solutions which require scalable robust enterprise solutions.

If you are interested in any of Oblong’s Solutions, please contact us and we will help you find the best solution for your business.

Multi Channel Experience

spatial interfaces


The Greenhouse SDK incorporates key elements of the g-speak core platform—for building spatially-aware computing environments–and distills them into an API designed to be approachable, powerful, and concise. Greenhouse is the only SDK available that enables creative coders and engineers to rapidly prototype spatial interfaces: multi-screen, multi-user, multi-device interfaces with gestural and spatial interaction. Graphics and geometry systems enable pixels to fluidly move and to be accurately rendered across any screen, plus networking and multi-application frameworks, which allow multiple users, applications, and machines to seamlessly interact.greenhouse.oblong.com

If you are interested in spatial interfaces, or need support for your multichannel strategy we can help


If you need information about services please contact us

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